Privacy policy – MeauxMeaux B.V.

MeauxMeaux BV. (“MeauxMeaux”, “MM”, “our”, “us”) values the privacy from all website- and store visitors. This is why we are conscious and careful when it comes to gathering personal information that belongs to our customers and website visitors. This is a statement in which we inform our customers and website visitors about our policies and procedures regarding this subject. We explain which data we use, process, save and how we protect this.

This statement applies to all website visitors ( and customers that made a purchase. Either on one of these websites or in one of our stores.


MEAUXMEAUX BV, located at Oppert 290, 3011HV in Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Chamber of Commerce number: 69571503; VAT-number: NL854062828B01) gathers- and is an administrator of all personal data provided through the website. This makes MeauxMeaux BV responsible to protect this data corresponding with applicable law- and regulations on the subject of protecting personal data.

MeauxMeaux gathers personal information when an account is created on the website, an order has been made and/or when subscribing to the newsletter. This information is required to process and send out orders. MeauxMeaux decides which personal details are processed, for which purpose and for which period of time this data is saved. 

Legal ground

MeauxMeaux needs your personal information because of the contractual agreements between you and MeauxMeaux. For example, your purchase of a product or your right on warranty. This applies when:

- Placing an order
- An order being delivered
- Returns & exchanges
- Contact with our customer service

We can also use your personal information in case of ‘legitimate interest’. This means that we want to offer our customers and store visitors the most optimal, personal service. This applies when:
- Contact with our customer service
- Reviews and customer satisfaction research
- Visiting our website
- Account management
- Newsletters
- Sales & promotions
- Social media channels

There can also be a legal obligation to use your personal data. For example, when we suspect fraud. In some cases, you gave us permission yourself to use your personal details. For example, when subscribing to our newsletter. We keep track of this in our administration.

Who has access to personal data?

We only share your personal data with third parties when this is mandatory for us to provide our service. This would concern: delivery partners, suppliers, payment partners, IT-service companies and/or partners gathering customer reviews for us.

The partners we give access to your personal data, are allowed to only use this data to provide you with a service on behalf of MeauxMeaux. Unless they are responsible their selves to gather and protect your personal data.

We never sell your personal data to third parties.


Retention period
We keep and use your personal data no longer than necessary. After this period we delete all the data we have, or your personal data will be anonymized and will only be used internally for reports and statistics.

We apply certain time limits. After these time limits, we delete your personal data.

- We keep our camera footage no longer then 4 weeks. Unless we notice something suspicious that requires further investigation, or when we need to save the footage because of other legal obligations.
- Inactive accounts are deleted after seven years. After these years the personal data is anonymized and possibly used for internal purposes.
- According to the tax authorities we need to keep our administration with invoice-, payment- and order data for seven years. After these years we only use your personal data anonymized for internal purposes.
- In case you subscribed to the newsletter and/or gave us permission to provide you with personalized messages, we’ll save this permission for five years. In case you decide you don’t want to receive the newsletter and/or personalized messaged anymore, we’ll save this cancellation as well.

The personal data we use to prevent fraud, we save as long as this is necessary.


Your rights

De visitor/customer stays in control of his/her own personal data. This is why you’ll always have the following rights:

- Right to access
- Right of portability
- Right of correction
- Right of removal
- Right of objection
- Right of restriction
- Right of cancelling permission


Most of these rights you are able to manage in ‘My Account’ when you are logged in. You can also always contact our Data Privacy Officer sending an e-mail to

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