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In general
This is the cookie policy from MeauxMeaux BV. (“MeauxMeaux”). MeauxMeaux uses cookies on their website.

The privacy and having a user-friendly website is important to us.MeauxMeaux uses cookies to improve the website and to filter the ads to the interests of their website visitors. Below you’ll find further explanation regarding cookies, what they are used for and, in case you want to, how you can disable the use of cookies.

What are cookies?

A cookie, also known as web cookie, browser cookie or HTTP cookie, is a piece of information send to a website, saved on a hard drive of the user. While a user is visiting the website, the actions on the website are tracked. When the user visits the website again, the saved data in the cookie could be requested by this website. This cookie will contain data on the previous website visit. The actions that were taken during the last website visit for example.

How are cookies used at MeauxMeaux?
MeauxMeaux is continuously optimizing their website. We do this to make sure everyone has a good website experience. Using cookies allows us to do this. This way we are able to make sure items added to your shopping cart, stay there while browsing other products on the website. Also, we make sure you stay logged in on the website, even when you are visiting other webpages. Using cookies allows us to do this.

We also use cookies for marketing purposes. This way we can provide our website visitors with relevant content. We also use cookies to comply with all mandatory aspects of the buying process of our customers.

Temporary and permanent cookies

We make a distinction between temporary and permanent cookies. Permanent cookies are, for example, used to automatically load any personal settings on a website. Permanent cookies are also used for marketing purposes.

Temporary cookies are used to collect data and statistics concerning the website usage. These cookies are active as long as the user is browsing on the website. To get insights on the usage of our website and which pages users like, we use Google Analytics. We check the amount of website visitors, which pages are visited, searches and from which browser the website traffic is coming. To get insights on this data, we use a cookie that allows Google Analytics to measure this.

The gathered information is used to get website insights. For example, how frequent the website is visited and which page our website visitors spend most of their time. This data allows is to, where necessary, make adjustments in the website. For example: the website menu, the type of content that is published. Anything to give our visitors the best user experience possible. This data cannot be traced back to a person.

Types of cookies

We use different types of cookies. More specifically, we use:

- Functional cookie: these cookies we use to make sure our web shop is working properly.
- Analytical cookies: We measure and analyze the usage of the webshop to notice any room for improvement. To measure and analyze this we use the software of a third party: Google Analytics. Your privacy is important to us. This is why we make sure your IP address is shielded.
- Preference cookie:MeauxMeaux remembers your log-in preferences. This way you won’t need to configure these settings multiple times.
- Social media cookies: these cookies are meant to share webshop content through social media channels. For example, Facebook and Instagram.
- Advertising cookies:MeauxMeaux and other parties follow your behavior on both our website and third parties. This makes sure content is shown that matches your interests.

MeauxMeaux is not responsible for the behavior and/or actions of third parties (e.g. Google analytics and Google AdWords) regarding the usage of cookies. Most Wanted excludes any liability regarding this.

Permission for cookie usage
According to the current law we are allowed to use cookies in case they are mandatory for our visitors and customers to use the website (‘Functional cookies’ and ‘Preference cookies’). We are also allowed to use cookies as long as they use your personal data anonymized (‘Analytical cookies’).

Regarding the usage of social media cookies, we refer you to the privacy- and cookie statement of the social media channel in question.

For the use of advertising cookies, we need your explicit permission.

Deleting cookies
In case you gave permission for us to use cookies, e.g. advertising cookies, you can revoke consent in your account at any time.

In case you don’t agree with the use of cookies, you can disable the use of cookies in the settings of your browser.

You can manage the cookies your computer is using in the settings of your browser. Your preferences can be edited there. For example, that you’d like to be informed once a cookie is placed on a website. You can also delete cookies that are saved on your computer, tablet or phone at any time. The procedure to delete cookies is different for each web browser.

MeauxMeaux has the right to make adjustments to this cookie policy. This is why we recommend you to regularly check this cookie policy. Continuous use of our website after adjustments to this policy, means you are agreeing to the modified cookie policy.

In case you have questions, suggestions or complaints regarding this cookie policy or other aspects of our services, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to


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