MEAUXMEAUX is a label, initiated by Danique Bossers and Monica Geuze who decided to join forces business wise and start MeauxMeaux.

When Danique and Monica got to know eachother (funfact: Danique was Monica's tutor math teacher on high school) there was an instant connection between them. Few years later Danique is building her fashion label @Mostwantednl while at the same time Monica her social media channels grow skyhigh. 
Apart from the growing careers, their friendship grew and @meauxmeauxnl was born organically!
Passion for jewelry and natural entrepeneurship turned out to be a magical combination and the girls are very dedicated and proud on their "baby"!


The name "MeauxMeaux" is pronounced as "MoMo" derived from Monica & Most Wanted




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